Sol Y Luna Festival

Tantric Shamanic Festival: Sol Y Luna

In these difficult times, you might have a yearning to connect with yourself or your partner on a deeper level. So, are you ready to explore this longing to understand your body or your partner’s emotional and physical intimacy?

You have probably heard of or attended numerous Tantric festivals, but have you attended the Sol Y Luna tantric Shamanic Festival? If you haven’t, this is an opportunity to see what mind and body transformations will be happening in April 2023 during Sol Y Luna. There will be the best facilitators (including ME!) ready and willing to offer you the most authentic, spiritually elevating mind and body healing experience. The following are among the activities you can expect from the Tantric Shamanic Festival: Sol Y Luna. 10% Discount code CASAUNDRA10

Retreat Experience with a Festival Vibe

The flow of experiences and activities are well thought out to create an alchemical and integrative journey where integration and embodiment of what has been experienced is our focus. We are inclusive to all polarities, including:

  • Masculine and Feminine
  • Dominant and Submissive
  • Lite and Dark
  • Yin and Yang
  • Expansion and Contraction
  • Birth and Death

Multiple tantra teachers

The tantric shamanic festival, Sol Y Luna, has been organized by well-experienced tantra teachers, alchemists, shamans, entertainers and leaders whose sole purpose is to ensure you have the transformative experience you desire. All of us are completely focused on ensuring you go back home as a changed individual, spiritually lifted, and reaching the dimensions in your soul you never thought possible. Attending the Sol Y Luna is a special way of enjoying unique and different teaching techniques and understanding various approaches to tantra, shamanism and shadow work.

New experiences

Every tantra workshop and festival is special in its own unique way; therefore, at Sol Y Luna tantric shamanic festival, expect to understand, feel, and see new things. The possibilities are truly infinite as you will experience love among your new brothers and sisters, sensual workshops opening your lower chakras, expansive workshops designed for enlightenment and spiritual awakenings, you name it. There are endless possibilities to these experiences.

Ecstatic Dance and music

One thing we can all agree on about music and dance is that they have a way of capturing our bodies, mind, and soul. The ecstatic dance you will experience in Sol Y Luna is nothing ordinary, and this could be dance where one person with more masculine energy will lead. The one with more feminine energy will follow the lead. Note that masculine and feminine are energies and have nothing to do with gender; therefore, either a man or woman can have any role. Music and dance are a great way to help you let go of your worries, stress, and anxieties in life, and it creates a safe space for you to socialize with others, learn and share your experience. You will have the chance to create invaluable memories with strangers, thus learning one of Tantra’s principles: everything in the universe has the same energy. So lets move our universal energy in dance!!

Healing activities

One of the most significant elements of a tantra festival is spiritual healing, which is among the major reasons individuals attend them. Sol Y Luna will focus on ensuring you experience authentic spiritual healing, helping you open up to like-minded individuals, sound baths, intentional touch, dancing like no one’s watching, eating amazing food, and vibing to great music can help in healing your divine. 

A powerful energy 

One unarguable feeling you can be certain to feel as soon as you attend the Tantric Shamanic Festival, Sol Y Luna, is a dynamic energy grounding with heart expansion. Tantra is significantly based on energies; therefore, expect nothing less when you attend the Sol Y Luna tantra festival led by the best and most highly skilled tantric shamanic teachers. If I were to describe that feeling, it feels like being wrapped up in a duvet of positive energy. This is when you can freely be yourself and dive into anything you want in the tantra festival. 


Imagine a place where you can do anything you want, anything at all, with consent, of course. Somewhere that values your freedom of mind, too, this is among the experiences you can expect from the Sol Y Luna tantra festival. There are several basic rules to create a container of safety for everyone, but you can be yourself without apologies. Finally, a chance to let loose of all the bottled-up energy and the freedom to let your mind, body, and soul be in a symphony, feeling the music of your energy from inside out, is what being in sync with your higher self feels like. 

The above are only a few of the amazing experiences you can expect from Sol Y Luna. Others include great performances, light and dark temple nights,  cuddle party, just to mention a few. Come and experience the great tantra shamanic festival, whose sole aim is to guide you in all matters, including sexuality, yoga, sensuality, kundalini, divine art of touch, self-touch, and many more. I will be a facilitator at the upcomingTantric Shamanic Festival: Sol Y Luna in April 2023. I have a 10% discount code for tickets; the code is CASAUNDRA10; let us talk, and I’ll see you there.

The Festival website is discount code CASAUNDRA10

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