We will work together to tap into your most authentic self. Many think Tantra is exclusively a sexual practice. Tantra is inclusive of all practices that are in true alignment with your ultimate purpose. Of all the tantra teachings, sexuality is just one of them.

As a Sacred Sexuality Coach I can show you how to liberate your sexuality with Tantric practices. Meanwhile allowing you to look deep inside to discover other areas of your life that can also benefit from these practices. 

By stimulating the kundalini through meditation, special tantra massage techniques, sound, movement, breathe and visualization, we are able to bring about a sense of liberation and heightened spiritual awareness in you. From here, you get to see your sexuality as the sacred energy it is, as I become your catalyst to help you liberate your life.


Ready for Shadow Work? Let’s take the deep dive together as I guide you through true Shadow Work process. We look at all your dark aspects in order to bring them to light so they can start working FOR you rather than AGAINST you.

I hear it all too often “just think positive!” THIS DOES NOT WORK ALONE. We must be willing to look at the parts of us we are ashamed of. We must be willing to own our guilt. We have to be open to facing our fears. THEN, we can turn the narrative around to a positive rather than a negative.

Here is an overview of the sessions and courses I offer:

TANTRIC SHAMANIC COURSES ~ This is a series of courses designed for COUPLE and SINGLES to take you through your own spiritual awakening and put you back in the driver seat of your life. These are full immersion courses tailored for your individual needs CLICK HERE to go to my TANTRIC SHAMANIC COURSES page

SINGLES TANTRA SESSION You will learn about tantric energy flow, balancing chakras with breath work and how to let go of energy blocks. You will experience this flow and be shown how bring back pure ecstasy into your life. We will discuss any issues you are currently experiencing and work together to overcome them and move you into more bliss in your life. CLICK HERE to go to SINGLES SESSION booking

COUPLES TANTRA SESSIONS These sessions are tailored for your relationship needs. Want to reignite the love? Work through relationship roadblocks? Introduce new dynamics? Or deepen the intimacy? This is a great session for you. To learn more or book your session CLICK HERE for my COUPLES SESSIONS

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