About Casaundra Hope

Coming from a strict religious Jehovah’s Witness background, by the time I was 20 I was a divorced single mother of 3 who had already suffered from molestation and rape. Needing money to care for my kids, I turned to exotic entertainment. During that time I found a way to lift my self worth and give my children a life they deserved.

Although I left the industry in 2006 and launched into corporate America, along the way I was met with much opposition from my past as an exotic dancer. This constant opposition, along with my own struggle with the sexual trauma of my past, eventually lead me into depression from shame and guilt, and eventually, near fatal alcoholism.

Determined to get better, I picked myself up and got sober in July 2014. I began my ultimate path toward healing.

In 2016 I went to my first Tantra Puja. This is where I received my first introduction to the world of Tantra. For the next 2 years I worked with my energy to clear through all the blocks created by my trauma. This is a never ending journey, and one I am ecstatic to be on.

In 2018 I attended my first official training to become a Tantra Practitioner and have remained a student ever since. I don’t consider myself a healer or guru. I am a facilitator of your own comic healing energy. I love what can be created with an open heart and a positive intention. Lets create together!

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