About Casaundra Hope

Casaundra Hope is a Trauma Informed Intuitive Coach and Tantric Dakini. She began to study of the Art of Tantric Touch in 2015. She complete 2 levels of Tantra Initiation at Ecstatic Dakini Tantra Practitioner Institute.
Casaundra has remained a student of human psychology, not only through her own personal healing and development, but also through continued education of the Mind, Body and Spirit. Her practice is rooted in West Palm Beach, FL as she travels the US bringing workshops and 1-on-1 sessions throughout the eastern United States. Always letting her intuition and passion for sexual liberation guide her along the way.

Orgasmic energy is healing energy!

Hello Love,

Im so grateful to have you here. I am honored to be considered for your Tantric Experience!

Here’s a little about my background and what brought me into the realm of Tantra.

When I began my healing journey in 2014, I felt like I was swimming the ocean with no land in site. I had no idea what direction to turn.

Early on, my life took a deep downward spiral. Growing up in the indoctrination of a Christian cult, it left me powerless in the world, as well as raped and molested by the time I was 13. I met the father of my 3 daughters at age 14, and we married only two years later. Then after years of abuse I left him when I was 20 years old.

I was left left with CPTSD from my early sexual abuse. Adding to it was my abusive marriage as well as multiple traumatic events within 1 year after the divorce.

As I fought to survive and care for two toddlers and a baby, I learned I could provide for my children working in the adult industry. Having no idea what I was doing, I launched my career as an exotic dancer! I loved the sensuality I got to express on a daily basis. There was a feeling of exhilaration and exhibitionism that lifted my soul. I felt safe to express myself when I was on stage. I found a way to provide a nice life for my kids while discovering this new side of me.

Within 2 years, the shame of that work caught up with me and I felt the desire to “normalize” my life. I went into corporate america, but my untreated CPTSD coupled with destructive relationships and 3 children to raise on my own, slowly drove me into deep alcoholism.

Contemplating the end of my life in 2014, I knew it was fight or die.

With the help of a Devine power I found sobriety on July 17th 2014. Through strong dedication and the encouraging love of my children, I climbed the mountain of healing.

I spent 2 years in intense immersive healing therapies to work on the causes of my alcoholism. After some time, I felt the fire of my sensual expression again and started teaching sensual dance classes to women.
I came alive! I felt a calling in my soul to help others learn how to become their own healer, just as I did. When I stepped into my first Tantra workshop I felt I had arrived home. I had found my soul family!

Tantra showed me how to bring my body, mind and soul into complete connection, including my sexuality. No other therapies provided such a sacred union of sex and spirit. I had shamed my sexuality my entire life, but suddenly I was taught how to release that shame and allow my deepest desires to be honored and loved.

I attended my first Tantra Practitioner Training with Lourdes Starshower. The teachings resonated with my soul, as if awakening knowledge that had been there all along.
In 2018 I worked with my first client, and have enjoyed a heart centered practice as well as furthering my training ever since that day.

I still remain a student of Tantra, humbly showing you the way I came. As I go further, I can take you further. But don’t be afraid to start at square one. I know what that feels like and I will meet your energy where you are, lovingly guiding you further on your path.

My journey of healing has incorporated the methods of

  • tantra
  • meditation
  • exercise/yoga
  • nutrition
  • professional therapy
  • life coach
  • Hypnotherapy
  • EMDR
  • AA
  • classes, seminars, books and workshops.

Healing pain and trauma can be overwhelming! I am here to hold you safe and create space for you to explore and heal. We can work along the boundaries of your comfort, taking gentle steps together. But if deep dives are your preference, I will be your diving instructor. I have guided both deep immersive healing as well as solid gradual growth. Both are effective. Neither outweighs the other. It about working at a pace that works for YOU! Soul healing is not a race, nor does it receive a grade. Soul healing lets you love who you see in the mirror more and more each day, no matter what.

I am a healer, and so are you. I look forward to co-creating with you!

Blessings, Casaundra Hope