Free Breakthrough Call

The intention of this call is to virtually meet and see if we are a fit for coaching. This is a live one on one call. We will discuss what you are looking for and go over how/if I can help through coaching. Once we set a time for our call, you will be responsible for initiating the call through the platform of your choosing using 561-341-1496 for the contact number. Video call appointment times are set at EST. Video calls usually last approximately 30-60 minutes. Please fill out the following form and I will contact you with availability.

Thank you for that information. In the next field I’d like you to dream a bit. Our sexuality is directly linked to every other aspect of our lives. I’d like to know where you see your life in 5 years. What dream would you like to see as a reality? Your answer is not definite. This just gives me an idea of where you plan to go.

Here’s a simple example: I see myself on the beach with the love of my life. We have an amazing sex life that is connected, intimate and works perfectly for us. We get to vacation many times a year in Aruba because my marketing business is flourishing. I finally own the house of my dreams. My relationship with my children is wonderful. I have friends that are supportive and enjoyable to be with. I feel full of life and present in the moment.

You can be as creative and descriptive as you like. This is your story, your dream. Have fun with it!

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