Why the changes?

Over the last 3 years I am constantly finding ways to be better. Im always willing to try things a different way if it works for both my client and my work.

My old 1 hour sessions and 90min sessions were based off regular massage practice. (60 min = 50 minute session and 90min = 80min session). Well that is no longer working.

My new schedule puts more time (45min) in between sessions. So if a session goes 5, 10 or 15 minutes over, its ok and does not create any rush.

70 min sessions will have the full 60 minute table time regardless of time spent in discussion. 90 minute sessions will have 70-80 minutes of table time regardless of time spent in discussion.

I no longer offer the 1 hour (50 minute) sessions. There is just not enough time for us to create real tantric energy flow.

Thank you for flowing with me as I continuously move into deeper and better practices for you.

New Prices take effect February 22nd 2021

70min session $250 – 90min sessions $300 – 2hr sessions $400


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