Free Spirit ~ Inner Child

Maybe you’ve hear of Inner Child Work. If so, I hope you took the opportunity to do it! It’s something my clients find brings new life to their soul. It unlocks real growth and healing.

We all have an amazing inner child. Its that spirit in us that finds time to play. Its that little voice that says “Blow bubbles!” anytime a glass of milk is in front of us with a bendy straw perched to the side. Its the creative genius that comes up with ideas that no one else thought of. Its the kid that rides the grocery cart the last 3 feet to the car rather than pushing it. Our inner child many times holds the key to what we really need when we are sad or mad about something as well.

By tapping into my inner child I grew in my creativity and wonder. I stopped living my life by all the rules society placed on me. My inner child was at play when I decorated my studio, got my tattoos and bought my first sports car. It’s also the part of me that fearlessly started my own business doing what I love.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t make ALL my decisions based on inner child. My electric would never get paid if I did. And I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t pay taxes. But when the time is right, I let myself be playful, creative and free. To fully embody my inner child, I need to feel loved and cared for. That love comes from my inner MOTHER ~ NURTURER.

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