Couples Sessions

We met in the light of a tantric fire. We’ve both experienced traumatic childhoods, abusive relationships and the stress of raising children as a single parent before finding each other’s love.

Together we have walked down the unfamiliar path of a deeply connected tantric relationship until it became familiar. 

Let us show you how to deepen and reconnect to your loving relationship. Our sessions are created with your needs in mind

Enhance your bedroom intimacy and let your romance blossom! Its our intention to guide you into deeper intimacy and connection in your love in every possible way! Watch the fire of passion burn so much brighter with just one session.

If relationship struggles have created the wedge, let us invite you on a journey of union. Change, repair and understanding can be difficult in relationships. Especially if we enter relationships with unhealed trauma. Great relationships get to grow in love together. Our partner is our mirror, our healer as well as our lover in life. 

Learn how to shift your communication to gain deeper understanding of your partner. Practice conscious loving touch for more romantic love making as well as deep healing within your sex life. Feel heard, understood, appreciated and deeply loved by your partner. Leave with reignited fire in your relationship!

Included with session is a free 30 minute introduction call. You will receive link to book call in your confirmation