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Homestead, FL: Sol Y Luna Festival 2023

April 6th-9th 2023

Joy is such an amazing energy. It brings in bliss, presence and authenticity.

How often to you get to be in the blissful authenticity of pure JOY?

We may not get to feel joy often due to lingering stress, anger, fear, sadness or loss.

Lets bring Joy back into you existence by ridding ourselves of our “Joy thieves” taking up space in the body.

April 7th, Friday at 4pm at Sol Y Luna 2023 I will take you through the process of bringing in MORE joy by Healing the Shadows of Anger.

We will create a safe container within this workshop to let it all flow out. Letting out our sadness, fear and anger. Lifting the weight off to make room for forgiveness that leads to our pure joy.


April 8th, Saturday at 10am at Sol Y Luna 2023 we go more in depth with couples. I will guide you through a process to go from Difficult Discussion to Tantric Touch to heal together.

Relationships rarely exist without difficult discussions, frustrations and sometimes arguments. For many couples this can create a wedge in the connection and intimacy of our relationship. But these situations hold golden keys to unlock healing in your soul, bringing you even closer together, rather than wedging you further apart.

Join me as I lead you through these workshops to unleash the joy within YOU and within your relationships.

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