Goddess ~ Spirit

The intuitive, the all knowing, and the voice of reason inside all of us. This is the embodiment of our values and beliefs. If you know me, you’ve encountered my inner GODDESS. She has the final say. Any question I have, she already knows the answer. She knows what the next best thing is for me to do.

She sees the red flags. She knows when I’m giving in to fear. She can tell when I’m making excuses for not doing better. She is my guide and the one who decides who gets to take charge.

Do I always listen? NOOO haha. Life wouldn’t be much fun if I always did the right thing, right?! Actually I am correcting myself for even writing that. Life is more fun when you have the ease of a happy conscience.

By bringing in my inner goddess I can step back from situations and come to a best decision based on my values and beliefs. My own inner Goddess helped me release the guilt, shame and fear that held back my inner SEDUCTRESS.

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