In person sessions

Lay back to experience the soft flow of Tantra. These sessions will let time drift away as I guide your body through the waves of energetic ecstasy. Feel the euphoric trance of pleasure as it finds new passages within your body. bring my sensually spiritual presence to incorporate tantric breathing for full body connection. Drift off with the sounds of crystal bowls tuning into your vibrations for deep peace as you take in the aromas of the essential oils chosen specifically for your intention.

When I left our session, I felt so clear and whole. I felt an internal alignment I can’t remember having felt before, at least not for a very long time. I felt my craving for something outside of myself diminished – practically gone. I felt like myself again.

About halfway home, I felt the urge to yell or scream. In the last couple of years, I’ve screamed a few times to get the pain out of my chest, but the screams were difficult, congested, and forced. But this time it came without resistance. I screamed in the car louder and more powerful than I have in my entire life. It was amazing.

Perhaps the most surprising outcome of the healing was with my appetite and metabolism. Since seeing you, (2 weeks time) I’ve dropped ten pounds without any effort. My relationship to food has changed dramatically. No more gnawing hunger. No more stress or depression snacking. Sometimes I feel like I want to eat but it’s a negligible desire. I could eat or I could not eat- no big deal. When I need food, I don’t feel a craving hunger, just a pleasant emptiness. Unwanted subcutaneous fat is disappearing on its own, and I love feeling the hardness of my muscles under the thin layer of skin. I feel younger, fitter, lighter, and stronger.

As a result of childhood trauma or neglect, I have a hard time remembering, especially remembering feelings during events. I can’t remember how it felt to be in the session. I can only conjure up fleeting visual memories. I wish I could remember the feeling. But I know the effects were real and transformative. You said at the end that you were honored to create that space for me. I didn’t know what to say, but I know you feel honored – I would too to offer that to others – but what I want to say is that I feel grateful and privileged to have had the experience and the healing that it provided.

Terry ~ North Florida

Tantra practices can have powerful healing benefits. If you are experiencing blocked energy, pain or trauma that you are ready to release from your body, Tantra will help you create space for this healing to occur. I bring my years of trauma informed experience and education to begin discovering your deepest desires and intentions for healing. Once we have intuitively curated your healing experience together, we will go into practice after creating a safe container for our work together.
Through Tantric techniques such as, breath, visualization, movement, vibration, sound, aroma and shamanic pressence with somatic techniques. We will bring your body, mind and soul back into connection and peace. You will leave feeling complete with new tools for meditation and mindfulness in you life moving forward

Remember when we were kids playing “trust exercise”? One person would face forward eyes closed; the other would be standing right behind. The first person would start falling backwards the second would catch the first who was falling. It was a lesson in trust a bonding of friendship

Imagine if there was a person  that could catch you when you were falling; A place where you can feel safe to be yourself.
Whatever Tantra means to you; to me Tantra is a trust exercise.

For me the person I trust is Casaundra Hope
For me the place is Purrzee Studio

Time in the studio is magical, medicinal, mysterious, sensual, cathartic, spiritual and loving. Casaundra is gifted in her ability to “dial in” to what is causing ones stress or issue.She is wise intuitive caring and beautiful. She has changed my life for the better; I am positive she will do the same for you.

Close your eyes
Fall back
Let Casaundra catch you
You will be grateful you trusted yourself to her arms

Jupiter FL


Reignite the spark in your relationship with tantric touch and love inspired practices to bring your hearts into even deeper intimacy and connection. Tantric therapies can be an anchor in the rough sea of life and relationship. Practice higher consciousness techniques, meditation and mindfulness. Oneness techniques enhance your sexuality, opening you to deeper intimacy with self and your beloved
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I struggled to connect to my wife of 20 years. Ive actually never felt deeply connected to anyone. I was starting to feel depressed a lot.

i will admit I was looking for a “quick fix” to remedy my depression when I stumbled upon her site. I figured Id give it a shot.

I was stunned at how she was able to tune into what I was going through. She helped me let go and I finally cried for the first time in over 20 years. I didnt even know how to cry but she showed me how to access the tears. She literally had to teach me how to cry. Sounds so crazy. But after years of being taught men dont cry, I really couldn’t have done it without her showing me how. Afterward I felt lighter and happier. Like 20lbs weights had been removed from my shoulders. 
Im writing this a week after my experience and I am still feeling light and happy. I even see my wife differently, more lovingly. Almost like I can see her better. 

From the deepest part of me, thank you!