By subscribing, you open yourself up to some V.I.P. features.

  • Extended booking hours for in person sessions
  • 10.00 off your next session after you subscribe

In about 2 years (April 2023) I will start taking my work on the road. My fans will get exclusive access to hot outdoor photos and videos as I explore America. You will also be supporting me as I take time to travel, bringing my tantra teachings to every state. If you are a fan, you will also be able to vote on where in the U.S. I go. Want a personal visit? Become a fan! It may lead me right to your city.

When I am on the road I will be doing giveaways such as:

  • HUGE in person session discounts
  • Dinner out with me for a meet and greet
  • Free video calls
  • And whatever else I come up with 😂

** I started my page 04/2021…. I will be uploading new content regularly

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