Seductress ~ Temptress

Oh Hello Sexy!!! Boy does this side of us get shamed into hiding! For women and men.

Men, its your primal masculinity! Its your testosterone in full effect! Ok so us women don’t want you jumping into this primal side without first smoothing off the rough edges. This side of men is SOOO sexy when done right. But it can be really creepy or scary and shut a woman down in seconds if you just go about it all willy nilly. Women want to see that masculine side come out to play, just don’t scare us! We need to feel safe first, then grab us by the hips and pull us in.

Women, its your flowing feminine side. Its the hair down, hips swaying, bedroom eyes goddess in you. Did the thought of that make you blush? Let her out! For many women, we have shame and fear attached to our sexuality that shoves it away hiding.

I learned who my inner seductress was when I was in my 20’s and she was quickly shamed. She was abused, taken advantage of and belittled. But for me, she was my power. So I never totally killed her. She was such a huge part of who I was. If I tried to lock her away she would bust out of the box I locked her in and shove her way back into me. I had to learn how to embody her fully. I did this through my inner DOMINATRIX.

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