Arrive to a peaceful zen setting with the light scent of sage and fresh brewing tea. We will get comfy as we sip and chat about what is happening in your experience of love and sex. I intuitively guide you into self reflection as you help me gain understanding of you and your unique experience in life.

We then get to decide together what Tantric methods would be most beneficial for your organically curated Tantric journey.

Methods may include: Energetic release, Guided meditation, Breathe work, Sounding, Yoga, Reiki, Somatic Lingam/Yoni Dearmouring and many other healing modalities.

At the close of your ceremonial session you will be gently grounded and awakened as you slowly integrate back into your physical surroundings. Relaxed, refreshed and remedied.


A tantra session involves deep connection between two partners, with a focus on cultivating a higher state of consciousness and spiritual awareness. The session may involve meditation, breathing exercises, and somatic treatment, with an emphasis on pleasure and sensuality. It can be a transformative experience, allowing participants to explore their deepest desires, connect with their partner on a deeper level, and access a heightened sense of pleasure and ecstasy. The experience can be intense and emotional, but also incredibly rewarding and liberating. A tantra session can be a powerful tool for personal growth and healing, as well as a way to deepen intimacy and connection in a relationship.


Reignite the spark in your relationship with tantric touch and love inspired practices to bring your hearts into even deeper intimacy and connection. Tantric therapies can be an anchor in the rough sea of life and relationship. Practice higher consciousness techniques, meditation and mindfulness. Oneness techniques enhance your sexuality, opening you to deeper intimacy with self and your beloved.


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Veterans, First Responders, Blue collar

Sliding scale session available. Click below to submit your application.


Men: He’s likely spent many years prioritizing the needs of others before his own, causing him to feel drained and depleted. He may have experienced setbacks or disappointments in his personal or professional life, leading to a sense of hopelessness or resignation. Despite his weariness, he remains committed to doing what is right and helping those around him, often at the cost of his own well-being. His emotional exhaustion can manifest in physical symptoms such as fatigue and illness, leading even further into sexual dysfunction. He may struggle with feelings of guilt or inadequacy for not being able to do more.

He’s made mistakes, he far from perfect. There’s a desire in him to be heard, maybe even validated for the first time. He’s ready to feel something different inside. He just doesn’t know what.

Women: She works hard and gives a lot of herself. Self care is something she longs for. She knows she has needs, but is sometimes hesitant to speak up or assert herself in situations, maybe she’s choosing to remain silent to avoid confrontation or criticism. She may have experienced trauma or abuse in her past, leading to a deep-seated fear of being hurt or rejected. Her pain manifests in her inability to trust others or form meaningful connections with those around her, leaving her feeling isolated and alone. Shes lost sight of her feelings of desire and lust. So many priorities she puts above herself. 

Despite her struggles, however, she possesses a quiet strength and resilience that allows her to persevere in the face of adversity. She knows she is strong, she just hasn’t found her personal expression of it yet. And with that, she will find herself.

Proud member of Sacred Eros

A few testimonials…

After losing my first born son serving in the US Army to the war in Iraq, losing my mother and my father, and weathering a divorce from a woman I would have sworn to God would never leave me all in a period of a little less than three years, I found myself dead inside. I suffered from severe PTSD, I was completely introverted from pain, I was hurting, hating, loathing and dying inside every second of every day. I walked around literally unconscious like this for almost ten years. I had lost all hope and self confidence, all trust in mankind, and truly just wanted to die. I went from having the world by the proverbial balls in terms of financial wealth, and security, to a broke, and broken 55 year old man with absolutely no idea how to cope or start over. I was lost.

A close friend I had known for years told me a little about his experience with something called Tantra. I begrudgingly looked it up, and however skeptical I may have been I decided that the peace and tranquility it spoke of was of interest to me. I looked around locally and came across a picture of maybe the most beautiful honest smile I had ever seen. Enter Casaundra Hope.

This woman, her love, her tenderness, her truth, her honesty, her eerily accurate vision of this world has not only saved my life it has forever changed my life. Her wisdom of the world and her insight into matters of the heart and mind are far beyond her years. I believe that she is truly blessed with a gift that is not really even in her control. She simply is the best. She is a healer in ever imaginable way. She is peace, she is hope, she is love. She is straight up one hundred the real deal.

The short version…In the last year I have spent with Casaundra I have lost almost 50 lbs. I’m back in the gym, I am happy and feeling positive again. I went back to school and have started a new business, and my heart is once again open and alive. I am ready to find love again and positive that I have more than enough left for whoever comes my way. I feel free again. I have hope again!!!!!!!!

If you’re hurting, if you’re lonely, if you can’t seem to find your way, I encourage you to give Tantra a real try. Not half way, all the way. I also encourage you to not even consider anyone other than Casaundra Hope. She is a true healer and a true Goddess with a true gift from God. She saved my life.

JP ~ Jupiter, FL

My entire life I placed others feeling and happiness above my own. It seemed like a good idea, the Christian thing to do. In actuality, it was a sad and harmful way for me to live.

Casaundra opened my eyes to the Tantric arts. Her spiritual healing taught me to take the first step in changing my perspective. She guided me in opening my heart and emptying it of the unhealthy, unproductive things I have been holding onto for so long. Helped me to take a genuine look into myself.

Her relentless determination helped me transform any and all adversity into positive energy. She steered me to face my most important challenge, to learn to love myself.

In our sessions, her patience and incredible technics made the transition anxiety free. In learning to love myself, it opened up a whole new world for me. Casaundra is patient, intuitive, loving, sensual and knowledgeable of the tantric arts.

Thank you for starting me on this divine journey. I have never been happier. I now know that I am capable of achieving the love and intimacy missing from my life.


I struggled to connect to my wife of 20 years. Ive actually never felt deeply connected to anyone. I was starting to feel depressed a lot.

I will admit I was looking for a “quick fix” to remedy my depression when I stumbled upon her site. I figured Id give it a shot.

I was stunned at how she was able to tune into what I was going through. She helped me let go and I finally cried for the first time in over 20 years. I didnt even know how to cry but she showed me how to access the tears. She literally had to teach me how to cry. Sounds so crazy. But after years of being taught men dont cry, I really couldn’t have done it without her showing me how. Afterward I felt lighter and happier. Like 20lbs weights had been removed from my shoulders.
Im writing this a week after my experience and I am still feeling light and happy. I even see my wife differently, more lovingly. Almost like I can see her better.

From the deepest part of me, thank you!

Matt ~ Tallahasee, FL