Session Preparation

  • $30 DEPOSIT (60 minute session)
  • $50 Deposit (90 minute session)
  • $100 Deposit (2 hour session)

Please read thoroughly. If you have booked a session please fill out the REQUIRED FORM SUBMISSION at the bottom of these instructions.

It is my intention to make your experience the best I can offer. We will take time to talk and connect but I like to know what energy and intention you are bringing, so please fill out the short form at the bottom of this page. Please read thoroughly:

Parking: You may park in any parking space. Please do not park in front of garages.

Showers: I provide a warm wet washcloth and towel, or a shower is available to wash off any oils used during session.

Stairs: You are coming to my home where my work space is up stairs in my loft. I am also on the second story. If stairs is an issue due to disability please keep this in mind as there is no other way into my space for a session.

Payment/Cancellation: Cash always preferred. I accept Credit Cards (added 3% fee) and PayPal (no fee). Please give 24 hour notification of cancellation. For more detailed cancellation info CLICK HERE

They are put ups during your session. But please be aware of any allergies you may have.

Thank you for taking the time to prepare yourself! I look forward to meeting you and facilitating your personal Tantric Experience.

Chakra chart

For your upcoming session, use the following form so I may get to know you and to list any accommodations and submit: (ex: “Please wear a mask” ) (BACK TO TOP)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens in a session? – This all depends on your intentions for your session. Sessions vary between sensually tantric and relaxing, to deep shamanic shadow work. Many sessions incorporate both tantric and shamanic practices. You set the pace during our chat at the beginning of our session. We will sit and discuss your current situation and how Tantra can help. We will set your intention for the session and begin your organically curated experience.