Session Preparation

If you have just booked your first session, be sure you have paid your $30 deposit to avoid your session being automatically cancelled. Transaction shows up on your statement as CHL CONSULT

It is my intention to make your experience the best I can offer. Please read thoroughly:

Parking: You may park in any parking space. Please do not park in front of garages.

Showers: I provide a warm wet washcloth and towel, or a shower is available to wash off any oils used during session.

Stairs: You are coming to my home where my work space is up stairs in my loft. I am also on the second story. If stairs is an issue due to disability please keep this in mind as there is no other way into my space for a session.

Health: Come to your session fresh and relaxed. I recommend you not consume the following within 8 hours of your session: Alcohol*, street drugs**, more than your usual coffee, extremely sugary food or drink.

Payment/Cancellation: Cash only for your first visit. For return visits I accept Credit Cards (added 3% fee) and PayPal (no fee). Please give 24 hour notification of cancellation. For more detailed cancellation info CLICK HERE

COVID-19: If you would like to wear a mask, you may. If you would like me to wear a mask, please let me know. I do not require masks but I respect whatever you decide for your health. I clean with disinfectant in between all sessions.

I have a dog and a cat. Please ring the bell, don’t knock. If you forget, please just give a moment for the dog to stop barking. I will settle her before I open the door so we can maintain a calm environment for your session.

The cat rarely comes in my workspace and my home is kept very clean. But if you are allergic and feel it may be a problem, please care for yourself and book only if you feel you will be ok. Breathing is an important part of the session.

The dog likes to smell your leg and move on. She is good with people of all sizes and colors but I prefer you not pet her. This is for her training so she learns to ignore people, it is not a safety issue. During table portion of sessions she likes to nap on the floor where she can see me. She is good with people but not all people are good with dogs. If you have any fear of dogs please let me know and she will be put up the entire session.

Thank you for taking the time to prepare yourself! I look forward to meeting you and facilitating your personal Tantric Experience.

Much Love, Casaundra Hope

*If I suspect you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol I will immediately ask you to leave. Please do not consume drugs or alcohol in excess the night before your session.

** Medical Marijuana is not a drug. I ask that you come with a clear head. But if you wish to incorporate it, please ingest it just before the experiential part of the session. Any form of Marijuana ingestion is welcome in my home. I do recommend having your first session without it.

If you have an upcoming session scheduled, use the following form to list any accommodations and submit: (ex: “Please wear a mask” )

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