Tantra in Nashville, TN

March 2023 (exact dates TBD)

Tantra is a whole body and whole being experience. Sessions incorporate the 5 elements of tantric technique (earth, water, fire, air and ether) as well as utilizing sound, breath, imagery, movement and presence. All sessions are body positive within your comfort level.

Looking to immerse yourself in the euphoric trance of a somatic tantra session?

Reconnecting brain and body is not always easy. Life’s stress has us living in survival mode and in our brain/head far too much. We grow further cut off from our Devine kundalini energy. As stress builds up, the body absorbs all our pain.

Tantra sessions are designed to bring your brain and body back into connection. When that happens, sometimes there is pain ready to leave the body in that moment. We create space for this energy to heal. The sensation of pain leaving the body, and chakras aligning, leaves you feeling lighter, more energized and completely orgasmic!

The body flows like a river as new connections are made. This is the time we go into meditation to let the soul heal and wisdom drop in.

You will leave feeling whole, connected and renewed!

TANTRIC RELAXATION: Lay back to experience the soft flow of Tantra. Let time drift away as I guide your body through the waves of energetic ecstasy. Feel the euphoric trance of pleasure as it finds new passages within your body.
I bring my sensually spiritual presence to incorporate tantric breathing for full body connection. Drift off with the sounds of crystal bowls tuning into your vibrations for deep peace as you take in the aromas of the essential oils chosen specifically for your intention.

TANTRA HEALING: Tantra practices can have powerful healing benefits. If you are experiencing blocked energy, pain or trauma that you are ready to release from your body, Tantra will help you create space for this healing to occur.
I bring my 8 years of trauma informed experience and education to begin discovering your deepest desires and intentions for healing. Once we have intuitively curated your healing experience together, we will go into practice after creating a safe container for our work together.
Through Tantric techniques such as, breath, visualization, movement, vibration, sound, aroma and somatic technique with shamanic pressence. We will bring your body, mind and soul back into connection and peace. You will leave feeling complete with new tools for meditation and mindfulness in you life moving forward.

2 hour is recommended for those already familiar with Tantra healing. If this is your first time experiencing Tantra healing, 3 hours is recommended.

You will have the option to add the additional hour at booking:

COUPLES TANTRA: reignite the spark in your relationship with tantric touch and love inspired practices to bring your hearts into even deeper intimacy and connection. Tantric therapies can be an anchor in the rough sea of life and relationship. Practice higher consciousness techniques, meditation and mindfulness. Oneness techniques enhance your sexuality, opening you to deeper intimacy with self and others.

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Virtual Coaching: Our work, home life, past trauma and tools for stress reduction are a few of the many things that have a direct effect on our sexuality and its expression. We will work together to improve your connection to body, mind and spirit. All while improving your health, happiness and connections with others.

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