Tantric Sessions

All sessions incorporate the 5 elements of tantric massage (earth, water, fire, air and ether) as well as utilizing sound, breath, imagery, movement and presence. All sessions are body positive within your comfort level.

RELAXATION: Returning clients seeking deep sensual relaxation or refinement of current practices.

RELAXATION: For those who struggle to regulate stress and focus during intimacy. You will be shown how to dive into the sensual meditative mindfulness with tantric technique. We will utilize breath, sound, touch and presence to nourish your body, heart and spirit.

TANTRA: For those who are desiring to learn more about tantra and improve your intimacy with others as well as yourself. You will learn essence of tantric touch and action empowered mindfulness. Whether you wish to improve your sexual energy or surrender into powerful healing.

TANTRA: Deep tantric shamanic healing. Using tantra techniques we will dive into ancestral and archetypal energies, to bring deep level of healing and transformation. Allow me to support you in releasing the old influences no longer serving you, as we Initiate the rebirth of light.

COUPLES TANTRA: reignite the spark in your relationship with tantric touch and love inspired practices to bring your hearts into even deeper intimacy and connection. Tantric therapies can be an anchor in the rough sea of life and relationship. Practice higher consciousness techniques, meditation and mindfulness. Oneness techniques enhance your sexuality, opening you to deeper intimacy with self and others.