Tantric Shamanic Courses

Level 1

Liberating your sexuality! This course teaches you all about Tantric sex and how to be the best lover you can be. Become fully present, connected and confident. What you’ll learn:

  • Your energy, chakras and meditation
  • Tantric Touch Techniques
  • Staying present and connected
  • Grounding exercises
  • Setting Intentions, Boundaries and Consent
  • How to talk about fantasies and desires openly
  • Sharing sexual energy with your partner
  • Heart connection
  • How to obtain Whole Body Orgasm
  • *Optional ~ Overcoming sexual trauma (additional in person 90 minute session added for +$300)

LEVEL 1: $1200 (plus overcoming sexual trauma $1500)

Consist of (1) 90 minute zoom video coaching call, (3) 90 minute in person coaching sessions and (1) 45 minute follow up call.


Rewriting your blueprint! This series is designed to give you all the tools you need to launch your healing journey and start living a more profound life. Stop reacting to life and start responding. Learn how to chose your own path or rewrite the one you are on. What you’ll learn:

  • Energy, Chakras and meditation
  • Identifying triggers and learning to feel through them
  • Identifying and integrating your Inner Child
  • Identifying and integrating the your Higher Self
  • Overcoming Fear, Guilt and Shame
  • How to write your own blueprint

LEVEL 2: $2500

Consists of (2) 90 minute video coaching calls, (6) 90 minute in person coaching sessions and (1) 45 minute follow up call.


Reignite the fire!! It’s all about the love! This course is designed to bring tantric connection, love and intimacy into your relationship. Work through relationship roadblocks and issues. Open your communication to acceptance and understanding. Bring your hearts back into alignment and see your partner with eyes of love and compassion. This course consists of three 2 hour sessions. What you’ll learn:

  • Energy, chakras and meditation
  • Intentions, Boundaries and Consent
  • Trust building exercises
  • Discussing kinks, fantasies and desires
  • Creating a Love Nest
  • Creating an Intimate Touch Map for your partner
  • Tantric Touch Techniques for deeper intimacy
  • Rose Petal Ceremony
  • Imago communication
  • Yoni and Lingam massage techniques
  • *Optional ~ Navigating alternative relationship dynamics (Poly, Swinger, BDSM etc.) (extra fee discussed based on needs)


Consists of (3) 2 hour in person coaching sessions and (1) 45 min follow up call.