Tantric Skin ~ The Journey Within

Date: Saturday, March 16th 2024 Time: 4:00pm – 9:00pm ~ Only 10 spots available!!

Tantric Skin – The Journey Within

Welcome to Tantric Skin, an intimate and transformative experience that invites you to explore the power of touch. This event is designed to help you understand and appreciate the vast potential of our sense of touch in a safe and non-sexual environment.

In the realm of ancient wisdom and mystical understanding, the exploration of touch holds the key to unlocking hidden realms within. Through touch, we attune ourselves to the body’s intelligence and subtle energies, forging authentic connections and releasing buried traumas.

Please read through the description in its entirety . You will find cost and an option to book your admission call at the bottom of the description.

First Half: Preparation

During this portion, we will begin by getting acquainted. We are sharing in a vulnerable journey together. Our opening ceremony will give time to shift from strangers to like minded friends. We will take our time to explore the importance of boundaries and consent, how they will be expressed and how they will be respected particularly in relation to touch. Your facilitator, Casaundra Hope, will provide you with valuable tools and techniques to navigate this interaction with confidence and clarity. You will learn how to communicate your boundaries effectively, empowering you to express your “Yes” and “No” in a way that feels authentic.

Through a series of exercises and discussions, you will be encouraged to explore your sensations and emotions, delving inward to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. This introspective journey will enable you to cultivate a stronger connection with your own body and emotions, allowing you to navigate your experience with greater awareness and intention.

Second Half: Practice

We will have a detailed discussion prior to the oil practice about how to move and touch in a non-sexual way. You will be taught and shown ways to move about the oily environment safely and non-intrusively. Casaundra Hope will be monitoring movement and energy while participants are engaged in this oil practice. She may tap participants on the shoulder to take a break from practices if they are displaying overtly sexual behavior. Such participants may or may not be able to return to circle. This will provide these participants with space to learn about how they are able to better govern their sexual energy.

All practices are OPTIONAL. Growth and transformation happens when we listen to our bodies desire to say “no”, just as much as when we say “yes.’

To create a comfortable space for our practice, a large vinyl tarp will be laid out. Participants are welcomed to embrace nudity as well as wearing underwear, bras or swim suit (please note that they may become covered in oil during the session). Once prepared, you will be blindfolded and gently covered in oil, allowing for a heightened sensory experience.

Next, you will have the opportunity to “swim” around blindfolded, exploring your reactions, sensations, and triggers as you are consciously touched and carefully caressed by other “swimming” blindfolded participants.

It’s important to remember that this experience is focused on sensory exploration and connection, not sexual encounters.

If at any point you feel overwhelmed or simply wish to take a break, raising your hand will signal your desire to break from activities. Your host will promptly assist you in finding a comfortable spot along the side, where you can rest and observe. You are welcome to rejoin the session whenever you feel ready.

Closing Circle

The closing circle holds immense significance for this event, as it provides us with a sacred space to share our experiences openly and wholeheartedly. This circle is a powerful catalyst for transformation, where we come together to share and uplift one another on our individual journeys. As we gather in this loving embrace, we create a harmonious space for growth, healing, and the blossoming of our true selves.

Important Information and Safety

Safety While Blindfolded:

You will be blindfolded once you are sitting, please remove the blindfold if you have to stand for any reason. Blindfold is required to participate in oil practice, this provides a container for the unified experience.

The “pool of bodies” will be closely monitored throughout the session by your dedicated host, Casaundra Hope. She will ensure that the environment remains safe, respectful, and conducive to personal exploration.

At certain intervals during the practice, there will be intentional pauses. During these moments, participants will be encouraged to temporarily withdraw from touch and focus solely on themselves. This pause allows individuals to collect themselves, reflect inwardly, and honor their own emotions and sensations.

By incorporating these pauses, we aim to create a balanced and mindful experience, where participants can fully engage with their own journey and emotions. Casaundra Hope will be available to offer support and guidance throughout the session, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and empowered.

Honoring Your Triggers:

This transformative journey is designed to evoke and explore the triggers that reside within each participant. It is crucial that participants have the capacity to engage in self-reflection and recognize that they are in a safe and supportive environment to explore these triggers collectively.

By creating an atmosphere of trust and safety, Casaundra Hope aims to foster a space where participants can delve into their own experiences without fear or judgment. This means that participants can feel empowered to navigate their triggers, emotions, and vulnerabilities while being supported by the group and Casaundra Hope.

The intention behind this process is to encourage personal growth and self-awareness. Through reflection and exploration, participants can better understand their triggers, address them, and embrace their own healing journey. Casaundra will be there to offer guidance and ensure that everyone feels supported throughout this process of self-discovery.

Vetting is a requirement:

As part of the ticket purchase process, all participants that are not personally known by event host are required to complete a Zoom interview. This step is essential to ensure that everyone is aligned and has clear intentions for attending the transformative journey.

The purpose of the Zoom interview is to create an opportunity for Casaundra Hope to connect with each participant on a personal level. It allows them to have a conversation, clarify any questions or concerns, and ensure that each individual understands the nature and objectives of the journey.

This interview also serves as a way to establish a sense of community and trust among the participants. By engaging in a face-to-face conversation, Casaundra can get to know each participant on a deeper level and assess their readiness to engage in the transformative process.

Rest assured that the information shared during the Zoom interview will be treated with utmost confidentiality and respect. The aim is to create a safe space for everyone involved and to ensure that the journey is a meaningful and transformative experience for all participants.

Balanced and Diverse Group:

This event is limited to 10 participants. While we strive to maintain a balance of feminine and masculine energies within the transformative journey, we are not concerned with a 50/50 gender balance. The aim is to create an inclusive and diverse environment where participants can find inner transformation.

Please note that the selection process is based on various factors, including individual readiness, alignment with the journey’s objectives, and the overall dynamics of the group. While we do our best to create a balanced space, the exact gender ratio may vary and is not a high priority to this transformative journey.

Rest assured that regardless of the gender balance, Casaundra Hope is committed to facilitating a supportive and inclusive environment for all participants. The focus remains on personal growth, self-discovery, and creating transformative experiences that transcend gender boundaries.

Heath and Care

The oil used will be Fractionated Coconut Oil. This oil absorbs nicely into the skin so you dont feel so “gooie” afterwards. Please be sure to let your facilitator know if you could have any adverse reactions to Fractionated Coconut Oil so we can be sure to discuss if this event is a fit.

The tarp used will be a brand new vinyl tarp. Tarps are never reused for these events.

You will be guided how to enter and exit the practice space to reduce the likelihood of slipping, but you will be gliding around on a tarp covered in oil. If you have any issues that could cause you to potentially harm yourself, please let your facilitator know so we can be sure to discuss if this event is a fit.

Cost and Logistics

Cost is $120per person, $200 for couples

I have 3 assistant positions available. Assistants get discount off your ticket price. Please let me know if you are interested in being an assistant. We will go over the assistance I need.

This event will take place in Royal Palm Beach at Casaundra Hope’s professional studio.

Please bring a full change of any undergarments to replace what you may wear while covered in oil. You will get oil on your body and in your hair. You may wear hair coverings if you choose. It’s suggested to arrive in casual clothing that you are ok getting a little oil on since this sometimes happens. More often the cloths you wear to the event stay free of oil, but you may want to be prepared with back up clothing.

Please bring a sarong. You will wear tis as we prepare for our oil ceremony. Your sarong may get some oil on it. You may opt to use a towel if you prefer.

There will be a 30-45 min mid break to use restrooms, have a light snack and prepare for the next half. You may bring snacks. There will also be fruit and crackers provided, as well as water and hot tea.

Please bring a bottle water and 4 towels. There will be wet and warm washcloths provided for your use for oil removal. You will want one towel for quick hand and feet wiping, one towel to wipe your body after washing off with wet washcloths, one towel for your hair or to sit on and lastly, you will want a towel to leave in your car draping over your seat.

Bring a bag to fit all your things. We will be placing items in a separate room and this will enable everyone’s items to stay organized and separated. You may want to pack a grocery bag or ziplock bag for any oil covered clothing

Feel free to reach out with any questions 561-341-1496 or info@casaundrahope.com

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