Practitioner Mastermind

Up level your HUMAN CONNECTION Practice*

*Inclusive of ALL sex workers.

When I went to work as a Tantra Practitioner, I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I was winging it for at least my first whole year. I didn’t know where to advertise, what to say, how to screen, how to set up my work space….I knew only the tantra tools I had. The rest was guess work and lots of asking around.

We now live in a society that is more disconnected than we have ever seen! THE WORLD NEEDS YOU! And I want to help you be your best in bringing the human species back into Devine connection!

Now I am in my 3rd year and I want to create a space where women can come to learn what I needed to know back then, as well as information to bring your practice to the next level. I host a FREE zoom meeting every new moon (or close to it) filled with women who do what we do. If you are new and need help, experienced but ready to step it up or want to meet like minded women to collaborate with, please reach out! The zoom meeting is by invitation only, provider only and the number of participants is limited.

This is a space of inclusivity and abundance. There is zero tolerance for judgmental or competitive mindsets.

Common topics of discussion:
  • Practices to enhance sessions
  • Knowledge rescources
  • Helpful books, videos and websites
  • Client Issues
  • Screening/ Legalities
  • Boundaries
  • Up coming classes/ workshops

I am very transparent about my work but I ALWAYS put discretion first for my colleagues and clients. No names are shared, no lists are posted. You will never be contacted for anything other than this mastermind event.

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