Bio ~ Certifications


As a survivor of cult indoctrination, sexual abuse, toxic relationships and **chronic alcoholism, I draw from both my personal experiences and professional training as a Trauma Informed Tantric Shamanic Coach to provide a unique approach to my practice. My methods for healing through sacred sexuality and deep connection are not only proven effective through my own story, but also the stories of the hundreds of clients I have served since 2017.

In 2013 I began my long road of recovery from near fatal alcohol addiction. This included multiple detox centers and treatment centers as well as a dedication to the steps of AA.

As my physical and mental health began to improve I began to recognize an emptiness in my sex. My libido was either crazy wild or non existent. I had a hard time speaking about what I liked or wanted in the bedroom as I started to realize I had no clue! I had been using sex for reasons other than love and pleasure my whole life. That meant I had become an actress in bed, not a lover.

In 2016 I attended my first Tantra class. It was eye opening and enlightening! I had my very first heart centered whole body orgasm and I was hooked! I began learning everything I could about this amazing practice.

During the process I experienced so much pain, both emotional and physical. As the pain would emerge I would use tantric practices to stay with it and allow it to pass through. Pain from abuse and neglect would pour out of me with tears, rage and laughter. All the while my sexual pleasure grew stronger and stronger.

In 2017 I became officially certified as a Tantra Practitioner and began teaching others as I drew on my sensuality as well as my courage for growth.

My education is always continuing and growing. I am always seeking better and best options for my clients. My work will always be sensual, inspired and healing. I pray I get to flourish in this work as long as possible.

**If you feel you may have a drug or alcohol problem CLICK HERE for resources.