Emotional Abuse ~ Men suffer in silence

Behind every crazy bitch, there’s a man that made her that way! …..I can’t stand this common quote.

I work primarily with men who suffer from intimacy issues, trauma and sexual dysfunction. I can tell you that I hear stories day after day about men being abused. It breaks my heart. Men suffer from sexual, physical, verbal and emotional abuse in heterosexual and same sex relationships. I tend to work with heterosexual men, so although this blog applies to both relationships, I am speaking about my experiences with men in my work.

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As I sat across from my client, I listened as he told me about the verbal and sometimes physical abuse he endured during his 10 year marriage. He was called an Asshole on a daily basis in front of his children. She would scream at him and sometimes throw things at him when she was enraged. She would go months without giving him any intimacy. When they were intimate, she’d make comments if he didn’t “perform” for her. Now that they were divorcing, she tells the children horrible things about him.

He had already ended up in the hospital twice from high blood pressure, and he was only 41. He was probably all of 6′ and was in decent shape. Not a “weak” looking man by any means, but his body language was that of a fragile beaten boy. His face was aged beyond his years from the sadness and stress.

We don’t hear much about stories like this. Men suffer in silence, fearing what people would say. Fear of looking weak. Fear of people not believing them. What would your reaction be? As a society we are just starting to address men’s issues but more can be done.

Men’s abuse is a serious problem. It causes high blood pressure, obesity, depression, anxiety, digestion issues, liver and kidney issues, erectile dysfunction as well as many other health problems. Yet, some still don’t see anything wrong with abusing our men. Sometimes, doing it without even realizing.

As for my client, we were able to start working on the root issues and began bringing love and joy back into his existence. My methods work! You can read about a few examples in my TESTIMONIALS or CONTACT ME if you relate to this blog. Feel free to comment as well.

Blessings, Casaundra

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