What is Tantric Sex?

Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is a special, meditative, and spiritual ancient Indian sexual practice that inspires couples to concentrate more on mind and body connection. Tantra is usually meditative and slow, and the goal is never to just achieve an orgasm but rather to be present and enjoy the sexual experience and body sensations. It allows sexual energy to move throughout one’s body for enlightenment, transformation, and healing. Tantric sex weaves sexuality and spirituality together and encourages the significance of intimacy when having sex. It might be commonly perceived as if the primary aim of tantra is attaining sexual pleasure; however, tantric sex purposes of elevating sensuality and celebrating one’s body. This unique sexual practice connects sexuality, spirituality, and the mindfulness state. 

When you practice tantric sex with your partner, your connection is elevated to another deeper and greater level because the methods involved in tantra help in developing closer, special intimate contact when exploring each other physically. Tantric sex is believed to have the power to rectify sexual problems, including anorgasmia, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. 

Practicing tantric sex as a couple

There are various techniques involved when getting into this eccentric sexual practice. Tantric sex should be explored when both are completely relaxed, comfortable, and far from any form of distraction. The following are a few tips you could follow as a couple before diving into tantra:

  • Know your body

Being aware of the desire of one’s body and being in sync is encouraged in tantra since one can easily implement this during the sexual experience. The more aware one is of their most pleasurable zones, the more elevated the sexual experience gets. A good example is if one realizes that they have emotional barriers around masturbation, they need to be gentle with themselves when exploring the cause for this block in knowing their body intimately. 

  • Understanding your partner’s body

Tantric sex is also centered on respecting and valuing each other’s bodies. By taking ample time to explore each other’s bodies, the sexual experience is heightened for the couple. A slow and deliberate full-body massage is a good technique to know what awakens your partner’s sexual energy. Additionally, this helps an individual be in sync with the desires and wishes of their partner. Suppose the activity becomes uncomfortable at one point; it should be halted immediately, as is the case with whichever form of sexual practice.

  • Preparing

There are several things that a couple might do to aid in preparing for the tantric sexual experience. First, you can gain more knowledge on tantra; you are likely to get more ready after being more knowledgeable on tantric sex through research and reading. Also, you need to set aside time since tantric sex includes slow movement and being present in that moment. In some situations, the experience may take hours; therefore, time is vital to ensure satisfaction and enjoying the experience. Another tip is ensuring your mind is prepared. To fully concentrate on the moment, you need to ensure your mind is free from distractions; therefore, exercising or meditating prior to the moment is good. Lastly, ensure to get a great place because the environment has a crucial role in tantra. The environment should include a comfortable temperature and a relaxing setting. Relaxing music, scented candles, and dim lights are a great place to set the mood. 

  • Create the moment with yourself

To establish this, you could attempt to practice mindfulness. To fully enjoy tantric sex, being fully present at the moment is vital; therefore, one must concentrate on the sensations of their body and breathing. Secondly, one can explore their body, for example, through a self-massage, therefore, paying keen attention to the personal touch and elevating arousals and bodily sensations. Also, masturbating is encouraged, although the goal is not reaching the climax per se but rather to feel more in tune with their bodies. 

  • Create the moment with your partner

As a couple, creating this special moment with your partner, you could try the tips below:

  • Implement the hand-on-heart position. To achieve an in-depth, intimate bond, couples must sit facing each other with their legs crossed. The couple must position their right hand on each other’s heart and their left hand on top of their partner. Attempt aligning your breathing to feel your connections to each other. 
  • Avoid being linear. Usually, activities involved in sex might follow the standard order of foreplay, sex, then orgasm. Although, in tantric sex, it’s all about trying new things; thus, it’s better to be ready and flexible to whatever feels great at the particular moment.
  • Maintain eye contact. As a couple exploring tantra, making eye contact with your partner is encouraged to assist in deepening your connection and elevate your intimacy. 
  • Don’t be in a hurry. Exploring bodily sensation is vital in tantric sex; therefore, take things slow and meditate while you are at it. This spiritual, unique sexual experience has to be slow and, most importantly, enjoyable for the couple.
  • The breathing technique

One of the most integral factors of tantric sex is breathing, so please breathe. Partially, this is because tantra is centered around meditation. During tantric sex, you need to concentrate on deep breathing. To fully and easily achieve this, take five deep breaths through your nose and exhale through the mouth. When practicing partnered sex as a couple, be in tune with each other’s breath, elevating intimacy and deepening your connection.

Kapalbhati is another breathing tactic a couple could implement in tantric sex; in men, Kapalbhati is important in prolonging male ejaculation. When a man feels that they are almost having an orgasm, they can forcefully breathe out through the mouth and then inhale through it.

There is so much to learn about tantric sex, including the best positions to use and the healing benefits of exploring tantric sex. Additionally, there are myths and misconceptions associated with tantra, such as tantra is solely about sex, it’s dangerous, its black magic, its esoteric, and many others. This blog post is dedicated to educating individuals and couples about all they need to know about tantra; stay tuned for more because there is so much more!

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