How Hidden Anger and Resentment Prevents Us from Experiencing Pure Joy

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Life throws a lot at us–there’s no way around it. When we don’t take the time to stop, reflect on challenging experiences, and practice coping mechanisms, well, we get weighed down by hidden anger and resentment. The longer we put off facing problems, the shorter our fuses get, and the more likely it is for negativity to manifest in our lives–no thanks!

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Let’s take a journey and see how hidden emotions prevent us from experiencing pure joy and what we can do to change it. Remember, you’re worthy of love and have every right to break free from the stressors holding you down.

Takes You out of the Now

Holding onto negative emotions binds us to our pasts. We subconsciously tell ourselves I’m this way because this happened and because that person did this to me. Each time unchecked thoughts like those enter our minds, we’re brought out of the present moment and flung straight back to our trauma, anger, and resentment. 

If we can’t let go of our toxic baggage, how are we supposed to create a new future? Going through life with suppressed emotions is like trying to drive while looking through the rearview mirror.

So, ask yourself what is hiding in your subconscious mind, and be patient as you begin to peel back the layers.

Lowers Your Vibration

We’re beings of energy, and negative emotions are quite efficient at lowering our vibration. When our minds are plagued by anger, guilt, and shame, it can feel like the world is against us. If you have a negative outlook on life, you’re going to attract negativity–plain and simple.

You have, without a doubt, experienced this on a small level. Think about a time you woke up late for work, the car wouldn’t start, and then you got a flat tire during your commute. I bet the rest of that day was a real headache, huh?

Well, living with hidden negativity is like experiencing a never-ending day of putting out fires, jumping over hurdles, and hitting bumps in the road. But if you can break away from limiting emotions and raise your vibration, it can all turn around in the snap of a finger.

Negatively Affects Health

Living with hidden anger and resentment causes stress in the body, and chronic stress can lead to health issues. Research has found that long-lasting anger and stress increase your chances of heart disease, diabetes, digestive problems, pain, and other auto-immune disorders. Those are real conditions that have the ability to shorten your lifespan and negatively impact the quality of your life.

Uncovering and facing trauma and resentment isn’t something we can put off. Each time we sweep negative emotions under the rug, our bodies suffer. Sometimes our chronic ailments are just a manifestation of something we need to deal with.

Leads to Bad Habits and Quick Fixes

Overcoming suppressed emotions isn’t a walk through the park; it takes effort. When we don’t put in the work, we cling to bad habits to distract ourselves from our feelings. Some people choose alcohol and other substances, some people choose social media, and some people choose binge-watching videos, shows, and movies.

No matter what the superficial vice is, you’re ignoring the problem. If you keep these bad habits up, they become a part of who you are and keep you from becoming what you could be.

Puts a Strain on Your Relationships

Although we might try to tell ourselves differently, living with hidden anger and resentment affects our relationships. How could it not? When we’re in a lower vibration, suffering from stress-related ailments, and not using coping mechanisms, it stops us from being ourselves.

You might notice you’re frequently arguing with your significant other, getting into conflicts at work, and distancing yourself from loved ones. Healthy relationships are a big part of our well-being. When they start to deteriorate, so will other areas of your life.

How Can We Deal with Hidden Anger and Resentment?

Find the Root of the Problem

The first step in dealing with hidden anger and resentment is to find the root of the problem. Sometimes these emotions go so far back that we’re not even sure what exactly is bothering us. A great mindful exercise is journaling. Write out your feelings and find out where they come from. The golden question to uncovering the cause of negative emotions is why.

Learn to Forgive

The only way to truly get rid of resentment is to forgive. Yep, I know–easier said than done. Forgiving requires you to shift your perspective and let go of blaming someone, something, or yourself for the past. Let’s not confuse forgiveness with excusing toxic behavior or pretending past events didn’t happen. Forgiveness is accepting that none of us are perfect and that nothing can stop us from being who we truly are.

Learn to Say Sorry

As you journey to uncover the root of your anger and resentment, it’s possible you’ll find yourself guilty. Maybe you’re not completely to blame, but you could be holding on to things you said or did to people. Learning to say sorry is a wonderful step in the healing process. It can free you from a layer of guilt and shame you didn’t know was there. 

Practice Empathy

Whether your hidden emotions were caused by you or someone else, practicing empathy is key. We have to remind ourselves that everyone is a product of their environment. The reason someone hurt you may have been because they, too, were hurt in the past. Be kind to yourself, and remember that we’re all humans, and we all make mistakes along the way.


Meditation is a wonderful tool, readily accessible to everyone at any time. There are many ways to meditate, from breathwork to tantra to sitting in silence; the goal is to tap into your inner self and reduce the stress in your life. Through mediation practices, you’ll find yourself processing events and emotions tucked deep away in your subconscious.

Final Thoughts

We all deserve to live a life of love and pure joy. Of course, things are going to happen along the way, but there are an endless number of coping skills to develop that will prepare you for anything life throws at you. If you think you’re dealing with hidden anger and resentment, don’t worry! You’re not alone in your journey, and you are capable of getting through it.

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